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Lucy: Extremely enthusiastic and anxious to succeed in all your undertakings, you’re nevertheless sufficiently conscious of your chances of success. You’re endowed with the faculty to adapt yourself to circumstances and to use them as a springboard. You’re prompted by a powerful passion. But your passion is not raw and overflowing: it’s rather a fire that smolders under the ashes and which emits more heat than flame. It manifests itself in your taste for risks and your desire to remove the constraints that are imposed on you. In everyday life, you’re sociable, merry, and of agreeable company. You’re also often obliging. Your enthusiasm is contagious. In your relationships with others, you appear rather conciliatory, understanding, and tolerant. You’re generally frank and direct in your words as in your acts.

Kate: You always feel the need to act, to charge, and show such ardor as pushes you to take up all challenges. You prefer to launch out for you’ve confidence in your energy, your drive, your daring, and if necessary, even your nerve in order to extricate yourself from a difficult situation. Whether it’s in business or in love, you put all your energy at stake, you throw all your live forces into the battle. You intensely live the present moment. Always reacting with spontaneity and force, you put passion in whatever you do. All situation, all sentiment are lived with maximum tension.

Hale: Your courage and patience are legendary. They constitute your force, allowing you to always relentlessly fight all odds in order to reach your objectives.