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June – The Rose

The rose is the June birthflower. Rose is known as the flower of passion as the ancient Greeks believed that Aphrodite the goddess of love gave a rose to Eros the god of love. Roses have many flower meanings according to their color and number of roses in a bouquet. All roses symbolize love and appreciation though.

No other flower is a recognizable as the rose. No other flower conveys love and passion like the rose either. In Victorian times each flower had its own secret meaning. Red roses meant you love the receiver. Pink roses mean you have not the passion of red, but still have feelings of love. Dark pink roses mean you have gratitude. Light pink roses mean admiration or sympathy. White roses mean innocence, purity, secrecy and friendship. Yellow roses mean dying love or platonic love. In German speaking countries though yellow roses mean jealousy and infidelity. Yellow roses with red tips mean friendship or falling in love. Burgandy roses mean beauty. Blue roses mean mystery. Green roses mean calm. Purple roses mean protection and maternal or paternal love.