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Photos: Young Hollywood May Issue Event

Photos: Young Hollywood May Issue Event

I’ve just added photos from NYLON and BCBGeneration’s Annual Young Hollywood May Issue Event from last week into the gallery.

Gallery Link:

Gallery Announcement

I have been trying to reorganize the gallery’s ftp for the past couple of weeks now to make it more organized, unfortunately that hasn’t been easy! I am downloading and reorganizing it in my spare time and once it’s done I will reupload all the pictures.

What does this mean for the Pretty Little Liars updates? I’ll continue to update the screen captures and just move them when the time comes. There shouldn’t be too much interruption but I will let you know if there’s going to be any downtime on the gallery!

Gallery Back Online

During the recent transfer to a new server our gallery ended up offline but it is now currently back online. As the site had to be transferred again all recent posts were also lost. Things are now working as normal however and updates will resume like they were prior to server moves.

Summer in the Bongos Boutique Truck

I’m very sorry to have to announce that as of today, I am no longer a webmaster of Lucy Hale Online. I have thought about it for quite some time, and I have come to the conclusion that I don’t have enough time to make updates and be a proper webmaster anymore.

Because Katie has been very busy lately as well (though she won’t be leaving the site), we have decided to look for someone to take over the website, and we have found Megan and Holly from KeeganAllen.Org to do so! They’ll be maintaining the website from now on, and hopefully give the site some new life again!

For my last update, I have added some pictures of Lucy when she was celebrating summer in the Bongos Boutique Truck two weeks ago (thanks to Dea for these!). Check out the pictures in the gallery!

Gracie Awards Additions + Autograph Scan

I’ve added some more pictures from the Gracie Awards Lucy attended last week, as well as two scans of a signed picture and a note that I myself received from Lucy a few years back when she was filming A Cinderella Story: Once Upon a Song. If you’ve received an autograph from her or got her autograph in person, contact us to get your scan up in the gallery!

At this moment, I’m not sure if there is any way to write a letter to Lucy, but my advice to you would be to keep checking and its message boards, to see if there is a via venue address you can use.

Site Update

I just wanted to post a quick update regarding LHO, and let you all know that the site email is up and running again. I get the emails forwarded to my personal account, and didn’t realize that our inbox was full! You can now send us emails at I apologize for any inconvenience this has caused!

Updates on the Way

Hello, everyone! As you can see, the site hasn’t been updated in a while. Not to worry! Lucy’s been super busy and the site will be up to date shortly. Thank you so much for your patience!

New Layout!

We finally have a new layout here at LHO, in honor of the site turning three a few months ago! What do you guys think?! I love it, personally! The layout is thanks to the wonderful Pink Chaos! We hope you like the new look!

Also, please bear with us while we tweak the layout a bit. Some things may not look right, but if you refresh the page a few times, it’ll look normal in no time!