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Lucy at the Teen Choice Awards

Lucy attended the Teen Choice Awards last night, and won for Summer TV Actress and Pretty Little Liars won for Summer TV Show! A big congrats to Lucy and everyone at the show! I’ve added pictures from the event to the gallery. Lucy looked stunning!

Pretty Little Liars Screen Captures

I’ve updated all of the screen captures for Pretty Little Liars, so now we have caps of every episode to date, with the exception of one. The caps are thanks to the wonderful Jessica. There were a few in season one that we were missing, so I added those, along with almost all of the season two episodes. The links to all of the episodes I’ve added are below:

Season One:
1×07 – The Homecoming Hangover
1×08 – Please, Do Talk About Me When I’m Gone

Season Two:
2×05 – The Devil You Know
2×07 – Surface Tension
2×08 – Save the Date

Picture This Episode Stills

I’ve added stills from next week’s episode of Pretty Little Liars entitled Picture This to the gallery. Looks like it’ll be a dramatic episode for Lucy’s character, Aria!

Pretty Little Liars stills and behind the scenes pics

I’ve added some new stills of episode 2×07 and 2×08 of Pretty Little Liars, and some behind the scenes pics of those same episodes. Be sure to have a look in the gallery!

Pretty Little Liars – Stills update

I’ve added some new Pretty Little Liars stills to the gallery, so be sure to have a look! Also, you may have noticed the discussions on Twitter about the show not being nominated for a single Teen Choice Award, but the organization explained that they consider PLL to be a summer show and the summer nominations are yet to be announced. So I’m sure they’ll be nominated then! 🙂

New photoshoot additions

I’ve added a bunch of new photoshoot images, none of them new, but you may not have seen them before 🙂 Be sure to have a look in the gallery!

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