‘Pretty Little Liars’ Season 6B To Feature A Flash Forward and A New Theme

Pretty Little Liars’ midseason finale finally unmasked the elusive character of “A”. The hotly-anticipated hour did not disappoint fans, ultimately giving them the answer to the show’s burning question. Vanessa Ray, the portrayer of CeCe, delivered a solid acting as she made fans gripping to their seats when the ABC Family drama revealed her true identity.

It has been a long journey for the girls of PLL. Now that the longest mystery of the show has finally been unveiled, major changes are in-store for the characters when it resumes its sixth season. Viewers of the show should expect a five-year time jump when they tune in for the remaining episodes, allowing Aria & Co. to adjust to their whole different life after Cece’s big reveal as “A”.

Executive producer Marlene King has offered a tease about this flash forward in a report from Pop Sugar. “The girls have all sort of gone their separate ways over these five years, and although they’re still friends, they don’t see each other regularly. So there is an event — or a reason — they come back to Rosewood. Some new secrets and lies. A new mystery unfolds. And the results of that mystery unleash a new ‘big bad.” the showrunner said.

King also dropped the theme of season 6B via Twitter. “Fun new intro when we come back in January. Everyone gets a turn to shhh,” she previewed. Dissecting what King said, the ominous expression “shhh” from PLL is a call back to the first season premiere uttered by Lucy Hale’s Aria. The scene became one of the show’s most unforgettable moments.

In other developments, TV Line has released a gallery featuring the sneak peek photos of the cast and crew while filming the back half of season 6. The publication also addressed most of the fandom’s burning questions for the hit series, including: “Who’s Alison’s new doctor husband? Which “He” is after the girls? Who put that fat honker of an engagement ring on Hanna’s finger (if not Caleb)? And, of course, what inspired Spencer to get bangs?”, the site wrote.

ABC Family’s Pretty Little Liars delivered a shocking hour of television in its midseason finale which aired last August. As the series moves forward, a five-year time jump and a new theme will be explored, per showrunner Marlene King.


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