Pretty Little Liars Season 4B: Aria Spoilers Roundup

In the past, some Pretty Little Liars fans (ourselves included) have complained that Aria (Lucy Hale) wasn’t involved enough with the show’s central mysteries, but all that changed in the Season 4 summer finale, when the artsiest Little Liars’s True Love was revealed to have ulterior motivations of the “A” variety. Now that Ezra is suspect numero uno, what will Aria do when the show kicks off again in January?

The Pretty Little Liars writers are master secret keepers, but they have dropped some hints about Season 4B, and we’ve gathered all of the juiciest spoilers about Aria right here. That means you can spend the next few weeks trying to piece together the puzzle of what happens next before finding out for sure when Season 4 returns on January 7, 2013.

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Oh yeah, she finds out. Pretty Little Liars can stretch mysteries out for seasons, but it doesn’t generally let the audience stay ahead of the Liars for long. One of the Liars who isn’t Aria will begin to suspect Ezra is up to no good early on when the season returns. And once one Liar suspects something, the others usually find out. That’s true in this case, too: Aria will find out about Ezra’s involvement with the “A” team.

The fallout is epic. It shouldn’t be a shock that Aria’s response to the truth isn’t pretty. Showrunner Marlene King calls the fallout of Ezra on the ‘A’ team “heartbreaking to watch,” adding that “it’s like a trainwreck, you can’t look away.” Or, as Lucy Hale puts it: “girl goes a little crazy. You get to see Aria really angry.” Is that why there’s a scene that will feature her screaming and crying?

She gets targeted. As if that’s not enough, Marlene King also teased, “You know we say ‘A’ is an equal-opportunity terrorist, and it’s Aria’s turn to really go through the ringer.” Is that before or after she learns the truth about her love?

A love triangle resolution. In the first half of Season 4 Aria found a new love interest in Jake, and now that the audience knows that Ezra could be totally evil, the hot karate teacher is looking like the right choice. However, writer Joseph Dougherty teased that Aria “makes up her mind” about Ezra vs. Jake ” fairly definitely early in the second half of the season.” Why do we have a feeling she’s going to break things off with Jake just before everything goes south with Ezra?


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