Lucy Slams Online Bullying

Lucy Hale thinks cyber-bullying is worse than being harassed in real life.

The Pretty Little Liars actress was taught at home so didn’t attend high school, previously confessing she dislikes the routine and structure of class. Although she wasn’t around other children all the time she knows how harrowing teasing can be and worries about the effect of online name calling.

“There’s something about cyber bullying that’s scarier than real-life bullying, because people can hide behind their computer screen. I’m 24 and pretty secure with who I am, so I try to brush it off. But, you know, sometimes it stings a little,” she told Company magazine.

Lucy enjoyed learning at home, especially as it allowed her to pursue her acting career. She has previously said she has no regrets about her upbringing, but now seems to be rethinking that.

“I was home-schooled from the age of 15, which is when I moved out to LA, and, sure, I have days when I wonder if I missed out. Some days, I wish I had wanted to be a teacher – my sister is one and she’s super proud of me. I think having a supportive family makes everything OK and keeps you grounded,” she explained.

As well as acting, Lucy is a budding musician. She has been working on an album of country music and is looking forward to it hitting stores all over the world. However, she is prepared for some people to be negative about her dual career.

“That’s pretty much my biggest fear, actually. But then, if people know me from the show and that’s why they give my music a go, then that’s great. I’ve kept quiet about it until the album was done to avoid the clichés as long as possible, but I’m ready for it now – and the music can speak for itself,” she said


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