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February 11, 12
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I know this isn’t directly Lucy related, but ABC Family offered me the chance to join in on an interview with Tyler Blackburn a few days ago, and I thought you guys might be interested in the interview. He talks about Lucy a little bit during the interview. Tyler’s really nice, and so humble! Click on read more to read the whole thing.

Moderator: You’re a series regular now on PLL. How does that make you feel?

Tyler: I am very, very excited. I just loved every minute of working on the show, so the fact that I can work on it more and more, it’s such a good feeling. I am over the moon.

Moderator: Do you happen to know who A is yet?

Tyler: Well, obviously I can’t say a whole lot about that, but I can tell you that by the end of this season A will be revealed. So yes, I do know. I do know, but I can’t give any hints or anything.

Moderator: What was it about the show that piqued your interest to want to be a part of it?

Tyler: Well, when I first auditioned and I got the sides for Caleb, I just thought he was a great character. I got some backstory about Hanna’s character and she was sort of a spitfire, and I just felt like Caleb was able to keep up, and I liked that. But, it’s funny, when I saw a big billboard for the show—I think right before it came out—and it looked sort of edgy and it was, like four beautiful girls, and I was like, “I could totally be on that show.” So then I got the audition, and I was like, “Wow, this is very fortuitous.” And I auditioned, and I just felt like it was a good place for me. So it all worked out really great.

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February 11, 12

I added caps from the latest episode of Pretty Little Liars, The Naked Truth, to the gallery a few days ago. If you haven’t already, be sure to check them out!

In addition, I’ve added promotional stills to the gallery for almost all of the episodes in season two. The stills for Father Knows Best are pretty interesting, in my opinion. Check them out!

February 7, 12

During her photoshoot for Maniac Magazine, Lucy talked about what her most “maniac” moment was. You can hear what she has to say and see some behind the scenes footage of her photoshoot below:

In addition, I’ve finally been able to add screen captures of Lucy’s performance in Scream 4 to the gallery! Make sure to check them out!

February 6, 12

Two new promotional photoshoot pictures for Pretty Little Liars have surfaced, and I’ve added them to the gallery. Lucy, and the rest of the girls, look stunning! Be sure to check them out and tune in for tonight’s new episode!

I’ve also added some candids of Lucy out and about in Vancouver on February 4th to the gallery, as well!

February 4, 12

Lucy has been featured on the cover af the February/March issue of Maniac Magazine, and I’ve added that to the gallery. Hopefully better quality scans will surface and the photoshoot will become available! Lucy looks awesome!

February 3, 12

Screen captures from the latest episode of Pretty Little Liars, A Kiss Before Lying, have been added to the gallery. Make sure to check them out!

February 3, 12

Lucy and Ian Harding did a live chat on Wednesday, and the chat is available to watch in case you missed it! You can watch below. The chat was hilarious!

February 3, 12

I’ve finally been able to add screencaps of episode 2×17 of Pretty Little Liars, The Blond Leading the Blind, to the gallery. Screencaps from the most recent episode, as well as all of the missing stills should be added to the gallery soon! Sorry about the delay!

February 2, 12

We finally have a new layout here at LHO, in honor of the site turning three a few months ago! What do you guys think?! I love it, personally! The layout is thanks to the wonderful Pink Chaos! We hope you like the new look!

Also, please bear with us while we tweak the layout a bit. Some things may not look right, but if you refresh the page a few times, it’ll look normal in no time!

January 28, 12
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Lucy attended the McDonald’s New Chicken McBites Celebrity Launch Party on Thursday, and you can check out some pictures of that in our gallery!