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August 23, 13

Get our your calendars. Grab a pen. ABC Family has just released the airdate of Pretty Little Liars’ highly-anticipated Season 4 Halloween episode — and the premiere date of PLL’s horror spinoff, Ravenswood.

Both episodes will premiere on Tuesday, October 22, 2013. Pretty Little Liars’ Halloween episode — the first new episode after August 24’s Season 4 summer finale and the only new PLL until the show returns for it’s winter premiere in 2014 — will air at 8p.m. It will be followed immediately after by the series premiere of Ravenswood at 9p.m.

As most fans are already all-too-aware, PLL’s Caleb Rivers (Tyler Blackburn) will be leaving the show and heading straight to Ravenswood. That means no Caleb in the back half of Season 4. Poor Hanna(Ashley Benson)! Haleb is by far one of our favorite couples on Pretty Little Liars, and the thought of them breaking up (or moving on with someone else? No. We don’t even want to think about it) is just too hard for us to think about right now.

But Caleb has to leave, and we’re just going to have to deal with that. Starting in October, he will join a whole new cast in the dark Pennsylvania town of Ravenswood for an entirely new set of problems. And from the looks of things, it’s all going to be insanely creepy.


August 23, 13

The summer finale of Pretty Little Liars takes place this up coming week on ABC Family and they’re returning to Ravenswood to find out more secrets! Here’s some clips below from the upcoming episode, continue past the read more to view them all.

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August 21, 13

Pretty Little Liars’ on-again off-again couple might become on-again very soon.

Fan-favorites Aria (Lucy Hale) and Ezra (Ian Harding), the only romantic relationship that has spanned the length of the series, have had more hurdles to overcome than most couples twice their age. First, there was the fact that Ezra was Aria’s high school teacher. Then, Aria’s nemesis A set out to break the couple up many times. And most recently, Ezra learned he had a son with Maggie (Larisa Oleynick), an ex who came to live with Ezra in Rosewood. But just when Aria may have finally moved on from her first love, Hale says Ezra might be back in her life before the season’s end.

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“For the first time, [Aria] likes a guy other than Ezra and wants to make it work,” Hale tells “But I think Aria always senses it’s just not the same. There’s always that one person. Now [Maggie], who ruined her relationship, might be leaving, so she sees the light at the end of the tunnel.”

On Tuesday’s episode — which Hale tells us was her favorite ever to film — Aria and her new beau Jake (Ryan Guzman) attend the school’s hoedown. Although their relationship is progressing, Aria is stopped in her tracks by Ezra. “Ezra is dealing with a lot and he starts to reach out to her for help with what he’s going through,” Hale says. “When Ezra reaches out she’s like, ‘Oh sh–, I’m still in love with you.'”

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But before Aria can truly confront her feelings, she has something bigger to worry about: A and the mysterious Red Coat. During next week’s summer finale, Aria joins Spencer (Troian Bellisario), Emily (Shay Mitchell) and Hanna (Ashley Benson) as they head to Ravenswood to track down more clues.

“In Ravenswood, they’re on the lookout for this magician who they think is a clue that will lead them to Ali [Sasha Pieterse] who at this point they think is alive,” Hale says. There, Aria may go missing [after] she’s lured into this magic trick. A funny line from the episode is, ‘No, trust me, I don’t do boxes,’ in reference to the last Halloween episode.”

And despite another terrifying situation for Aria, Hale says the episode provides many answers for the girls — and, of course, the audience. “We reveal who Red Coat is,” Hale says. “Whoever Red Coat is, whoever A is, he or she doesn’t like to be messed with. Once we one-up him or her and play along with the game, what’s freaking he or she out is that we’re playing the game, and we’re playing it right.”


August 15, 13

Our screen captures Pretty Little Liars are now all up to date that the server situation is stable. Sorry for the delay but we wanted to be sure that no updates were lost during the moving process!

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August 12, 13

Several HQ photos from the Teen Choice Awards have been added, including a promotional photoshoot image she did with co-host Darren Criss. A big thanks to Renee for some of the photos!

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August 11, 13
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August 10, 13

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August 10, 13

Lucy Hale speaks out on dating abuse in this new PSA for her M.Powerment by Mark campaign.

The 24-year-old Pretty Little Liars star is the new face of Mark and she’s encouraging young people to be vocal about dating abuse and partner violence.

Lucy shares that one in four women will be abused by her partner in her lifetime, which means “between you and your three best friends, one of you, statistically, will be a victim of violence.”


August 10, 13

Here’s a longer snippet of the interview with Ryan Seacrest about hosting the Teen Choice Awards, this time we hear Lucy speaking instead of just Darren.

Chatting with On Air with Ryan Seacrest, the two actors opened up about nabbing the job. Lucy shared, “I owe Darren a lot of things because he’s the reason I have the hosting gig because he suggested me.”


August 10, 13

Read the entire spoiler behind the read more!

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