Video: Lucy Hale Performs Newest Single “Lie a Little Better” at Youtube Space LA

Photos: Pretty Little Liars Episode Stills Update

I have added high quality production stills from this season’s episodes 2 through 5 to our gallery, thanks to Kieran for the episode 5 ones!.

Gallery Links:
Pretty Little Liars – 2010 > Season 5 > Episode Stills > 5.02 Whirly Girlie
Pretty Little Liars – 2010 > Season 5 > Episode Stills > 5.03 Surfing the After Shocks
Pretty Little Liars – 2010 > Season 5 > Episode Stills > 5.04 Thrown from the Ride
Pretty Little Liars – 2010 > Season 5 > Episode Stills > 5.05 Miss Me x 100

How Lucy Hale’s Country Music Career Is Turning Her Into A Style Icon

Pretty Little Liars star Lucy Hale is on one of the most successful shows on television, but she has a new album out and is ears-deep in a heavy campaign to rebrand herself as a country music superstar. That includes a debut performance at the Grand Ole Opry, where she wore a dress that makes her look a bit like a 1950s socialite dressed up as a cowgirl and a bit like a leather mermaid. (With a dash of Glinda the Good Witch thrown in for good measure.)

Her sleeveless white leather dress is from DSquared‘s spring 2014 collection, and both the material and the scalloped, tooled leather skirt go along with her new country image. Personally, I’m digging this change of direction from her. Her previous red carpet style was more “generic young starlet,” eg: crop tops, sexy but boring mini dresses, big platform shoes. This new high-fashion country star aesthetic she’s been trying out sets her apart from the rest of the generic young TV starlet pack in an interesting way.

If we look back at some of her looks from this time last year, we see that she always looked beautiful and on-trend, but a bit safe. Her looks were cute, but none of them really said “Lucy Hale” more than they said “Amber Benson” or “Shay Mitchell,” for example.

Whereas with her more recent looks from the past month, she’s been demonstrating a nascent flair for prints that’s always engaging.

She’s right in the thick of promoting her new album, so it remains to be seen if her music career has a long-term effect on her red carpet style. Personally, I hope it does.


Pretty Little Liars 5.04 Thrown from the Ride Promo

Additional Press Conference Photos

I have added over 20 additional high quality images from the Pretty Little Liars press conference to the gallery.

Gallery Link:
Appearances & Events > 2014 > “Pretty Little Liars” Press Conference

Teen Choice Award Nominations!

Congratulations to Lucy and the cast of PLL on their Teen Choice Award nominations.

Choice TV Show: Drama

“Hart Of Dixie”

“Pretty Little Liars”

“Switched At Birth”

“The Fosters”


Choice TV Actress: Drama

Troian Bellisario, “Pretty Little Liars”

Rachel Bilson, “Hart Of Dixie”

Lucy Hale, “Pretty Little Liars”

Maddie Hasson, “Twisted”

Maia Mitchell, “The Fosters”

Lucy Hale Freaking Out Over Grand Ole Opry Debut

Is there really anything in this world that can emotionally prepare you for your first performance at the Grand Ole Opry?

Singer-actress Lucy Hale would have the answer for us, as she prepares to officially make her big debut in the hallowed circle Saturday night (June 21).

I recently caught up with the adorable starlet to chat about her debut album, Road Between, and her thoughts about her first appearance on the Opry stage.

“It’s kind of a big deal. I’m kinda freaking out about it!” said the star of the ABC Family series Pretty Little Liars.

“It’s just one of those things. I’ve been to the Opry a few times, but growing up and loving music and living in Tennessee, you can’t not appreciate the Opry and what it’s done for country music. Just to know that I’ll be standing on that stage where people that I look up to and where icons have performed … I mean, does it get any better than that?”

We can’t imagine it getting any better that, sister!

“I’m just so, so excited,” she said. “I’m really looking forward to it.”

And the Memphis-native admits she’s not the only one absolutely bursting with excitement. Her entire family, still based in Tennessee, is ready to watch and cheer their girl on from the pews of Grand Ole Opry House as she hits the stage. And when she says they’ll all be there, she means, all of them.

“Everyone,” she said. “I’m pretty sure that every seat in the Opry will be filled by someone that I know. Which is cool. There will be a lot of support in the house.”

We’re cheering for you, too, Lucy.


Lucy Hale Talks Fashion with Radio Disney

Pretty Little Liars 5.02 Whirly Girlie Screen Captures

Screencaptures from this week’s Pretty Little Liars have been added to the gallery.

Gallery Link:
Pretty Little Liars – 2010 > Season 5 > Screen Captures > 5.02 Whirly Girlie

Lucy Hale at the iHeartRadio Album Release Party

I have added 4 high quality images of Lucy at last night’s launch party for the iHeartRadio album to the gallery.

Gallery Links:
Appearances & Events > 2014 > iHeartRadio Album Release Party

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