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(Photos) Lucy Hale on the Daily Rituals That Make Her Feel “Comfortable”

While promoting her most recent movie Big Gold Brick, Lucy had a Zoom date with Byrdie to talk about her dogs, Elvis and Ethel, what she’s currently reading and her skincare routine! You can read the article below, and find photos from the session taken by Claire Leahy in our gallery!


Lucy Hale is an Alfred Coffee superfan. As soon as she enters the Zoom, I can see the Los Angeles chain’s brightly-colored cardboard sleeve peeking out from the corner of her frame. When I point it out to her, Hale’s face lights up: “They’ll write me little notes on my coffee cup. They know I’m a loyal customer, so they’ll write ‘Have a beautiful day!’ or something.”

With her sunny disposition, it’s not hard to imagine the actress making friends everywhere she goes. In reality, though, Hale considers herself more a creature of comfort. “When I’m in L.A., it’s not unusual for me to not see people or do something for a week,” she says. On a typical day, you’ll find her lounging in the sun on her front porch or curling up with her pups and a good book.

“I just feel lucky I have a place that’s like a sanctuary,” she says. It’s a reasonable attitude coming from someone so accustomed to traveling for film and T.V. shoots. It’s been a busy year in that respect: she lived in London for five months while shooting the AMC+ series Ragdoll, and just a couple of months ago, she spent six weeks in Cape Cod for a film.

Big Gold Brick—in theaters February 25—is more of a blast from the past as it’s the last project Hale filmed before the pandemic. The movie follows the zany, darkly comical saga of 20-something writer Samuel Liston (Emory Cohen) after the enigmatic Floyd Deveraux (Andy Garcia) accidentally hits him with his car. In short order, Floyd hires Samuel to write his autobiography and moves him into his family’s home. Samuel falls in love with Floyd’s daughter, disgraced violin prodigy Lily (Hale). It’s a wild, whimsical ride, but then again, that suits Hale perfectly. “I just love stories, obviously,” she tells me at one point, not too long after rattling off an extensive list of favorite books. “I guess I chose the right career.”

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(Photos) Lucy Hale for The Blogging Tales

Lucy is on the cover of the December issue of The Blogging Tales, looking absolutely beautiful! Our gallery’s been updated with the cover and outtakes from the photo session.