Welcome to Lucy Hale Online, your fansite dedicated to the talented American actress and singer Lucy Hale. You might recognize Lucy for her roles in television series "Privileged", "Pretty Little Liars", "Katy Keene" and movies "Truth or Dare" and "Fantasy Island". Her upcoming projects include "The Hating Game" and "Big Gold Brick". We aim to bring you the latest news and images of Lucy and strive to remain 100% gossip-and-paparazzi-free. Make sure to bookmark us, and check back soon!
Gallery Update: Recent Events

Photos of Lucy from events she’s attended from June till August have been added to the gallery!

0005.jpg 0004.jpg 0002.jpg 0007.jpg

Gallery Update: Recent Event Additions

I have added high-quality photos of Lucy from all her latest events to the gallery.  Sorry for the delay.

0007.jpg 0003.jpg 0004.jpg 0008.jpg

Gallery Update: Fear Island HD Captures

I have replaced the captures of Lucy from Fear Island in the gallery to HD captures!  The movie is on Netflix (US) so if you haven’t seen it, or just want a rewatch, now is your chance.

0023.jpg 0086.jpg 0114.jpg  0016.jpg

Gallery Update: Life Sentence Captures

I have added captures of the missing episodes of Life Sentence to the image gallery.

0042.jpg 0107.jpg 0002.jpg 0108.jpg

Gallery Update: Lucy Attending the 2018 SXSW Festival

I have added high quality photos of Lucy from SXSW as well as a couple portrait sessions from the festival as well. Thanks to Jen for the photos!

0002.jpg 0002.jpg 0009.jpg 0003.jpg

0002.jpg 0004.jpg 0002.jpg 0001.jpg

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Gallery Update: Life Sentence 1.01 Pilot HD Captures

Captures of the CW premiere episode for Lucy’s new series have been added to the image gallery!

0011.jpg 0047.jpg 0072.jpg 0112.jpg

Gallery Link:

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