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Photos: The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

Photos: The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

Lucy appeared on Jimmy Fallon Friday night and I’ve just added photos into the gallery. Also, if you missed her interview, check a part of it out below!

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Lucy Hale Takes the Test of Randomness on Radio Disney

Lucy Hale talks about her new music and takes the Test of Randomness with Morgan & Maddy!

Lucy Hale’s Nervous Girls (Acoustic)

Lucy recently posted a new video on her YouTube channel. An acoustic performance of one of her new tracks titled Nervous Girls. You can watch it below.

You Sound Good to Me (Official Video)

Behind the Scenes at Lucy Hale’s SELF Photo Shoot

Lucy Talks About Hosting Fashion Night Out

Pretty Little Liars Summer Finale Clips

The summer finale of Pretty Little Liars takes place this up coming week on ABC Family and they’re returning to Ravenswood to find out more secrets! Here’s some clips below from the upcoming episode, continue past the read more to view them all.

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‘M.Powerment by Mark’ PSA Video

Lucy Hale speaks out on dating abuse in this new PSA for her M.Powerment by Mark campaign.

The 24-year-old Pretty Little Liars star is the new face of Mark and she’s encouraging young people to be vocal about dating abuse and partner violence.

Lucy shares that one in four women will be abused by her partner in her lifetime, which means “between you and your three best friends, one of you, statistically, will be a victim of violence.”


3×17 ‘Out of the Frying Pan, Into the Inferno’ Promo

3×16 Misery Loves Company Promo

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