Summer in the Bongos Boutique Truck

I’m very sorry to have to announce that as of today, I am no longer a webmaster of Lucy Hale Online. I have thought about it for quite some time, and I have come to the conclusion that I don’t have enough time to make updates and be a proper webmaster anymore.

Because Katie has been very busy lately as well (though she won’t be leaving the site), we have decided to look for someone to take over the website, and we have found Megan and Holly from KeeganAllen.Org to do so! They’ll be maintaining the website from now on, and hopefully give the site some new life again!

For my last update, I have added some pictures of Lucy when she was celebrating summer in the Bongos Boutique Truck two weeks ago (thanks to Dea for these!). Check out the pictures in the gallery!

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